Some of the fun you can enjoy with the IJG's

The Irish Jasper Greens

Some of the fun you can enjoy with the IJG's

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Members Memorial
William "Bill" Regan - Misthief and Vocals

A gentleman, husband and father. We miss him.
Sean Patrick Livingston - Baritone, Awesome Caramel Fudge

A Gentle Giant
Warden Thomas "Tommy" Hopkins - Bodhran

Tommy was a founding father of IJG

As we marched back from the field
In the shadow of the evening
With our banners flying low
To the memory of our dead
We returned unto our homes
But without my soldier laddie
Yet I never will forget those words he said:

Will ye stand in the band like a true Irish man, And go and fight the forces of the crown?
Will ye march with O'Neill to an Irish battle field?
For tonight we go to free old Wexford town!
Bob Seay - Guitar, Bag Pipes, Vocals

"He was a great guitar player and also, occasionally, vocal bass. He just loved making music with us and the Love of his Life", Chris.
Jeff Miller - Founding Father, Vocals

Jeff was an historian and re-enactor renowned on the East Coast, and was the founder and a vocalist in the Jasper Greens.