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September 11, 2019 Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel

Preparations Under Way for 200th Anniversary Mass

St. Patrick’s Chapel board members have been busy with preparations for the chapel’s 200th anniversary Mass celebration. Bishop Francis Malooly is scheduled to celebrate Mass. He will be assisted by Fr. Jay McKee, Fr. John Abraham, Fr. Jack Kavanaugh and Fr. Thomas Peterman. Mass is scheduled for  Saturday, September 14th, at 10 AM.
The huge tent, which will shelter attendees has already been installed. Lunch will be served, under the tent, after Mass. Attendees will be entertained by the Irish Jasper Greens musical group. The group has written a song commemorating the chapel’s special anniversary.
This will also be an opportunity to purchase Erika Quesenbery’s chapel history book. Raffle tickets for Rita Lerch’s new quilts will also be available. Other gift items available will include the chapel Christmas tree ornaments, chapel coffee mugs, and Jane Wassmer’s chapel stationery. Board members will be available to assist in parking, but car pooling is recommended. The tent, etc, are ready. Now all we need is you !

August 26, 2019 Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel

Come One – Come All !
Chapel 200th Anniversary Celebration – Sept. 14
The Mass celebrating the chapel’s 200th anniversary will take place on Saturday, September 14. Highlights and features of this event are as follows:
 Mass is scheduled for 10 am.
 Bishop Francis Malooly, Bishop of the Wilmington Diocese, will celebrate Mass.
 Bishop Malooly will be assisted by the Rev. Jay McKee, Pastor of Good Shepherd Parish, Rev. John Abrahams, Rev. Jack Cavanaugh and the Rev. Thomas Peterman. Fr. Peterman, former Pastor and author, has written extensively about the history of the chapel.
 Music for the Mass will be provided by the Good Shepherd Church choir, with Renee LeBrun at the organ.
 The Mass will be televised to a large TV screen located in the large tent installed on the south lawn. The tent will include 19 tables and 150 chairs.
 After Mass, free lunch and beer – Guinness & Yuengling – will be available.
 Souvenir items, including coffee mugs, Christmas tree ornaments, chapel history books, Jane Wassmer chapel stationery, etc. will be on sale.
 Raffle tickets, for this year’s Rita Lerch quilt, will be available.
 Music in the tent area will be provided by the Irish Jasper Greens, after the Mass.
 Parking will be directed and allowed on two neighboring properties.
This event is not just another Mass at the chapel. It is the reflection of a story involving many people who, in the past twenty years, contributed their time, money and talents to save a piece of history. It is also the story of immigrant people who were so grateful for their religious freedom in this country that they contributed what must have been a significant portion of their limited resources to build a chapel where they were free to practice their religion – something which we, unfortunately, often take for granted. So, St. Patrick’s Chapel is a quaint, modest reminder of how lucky we are to freely practice our religion. Let’s not forget,….,Let’s pass it on.

July 25, 2019: St. Patrick’s Chapel Featured in Diocese Video

When Bob Krebs, Director of Communications for the Wilmington Diocese contacted me regarding doing a video on St. Patrick’s Chapel, I was a bit hesitant and told him that given the size of the chapel he might be able to produce a 5-min. video.  Luckily Bob ignored my hesitance and in the latter part of June, he and his TV crew travelled to St. Patrick’s and created their video.  Tom Mullaney, from the Irish Jasper Greens musical group, provided  the opening and closing songs to the video.  We are happy to report that the St. Pat video has enjoyed some success.  You can judge for yourself by going to the Diocese’s YouTube channel at 

Correction – In the St. Pat video, mention is made that the pump organ, which had been in the chapel in the 1800’s was later relocated to St. Agnes Church in Rising Sun, and it was subsequently moved to organist Rose Erhart’s home when it was replaced by a modern electric organ.  In the video I mentioned that the old organ was moved to St. Pat by Mrs. Erhart’s daughter – WRONG!  It was her son, John, who donated the old organ to the chapel.  As the picture on the right indicates, the metal plaque on the organ, clearly indicates its’ connection with Mrs. Erhart.  Thank you, John. 

Plans Underway for Chapel’s 200th Anniversary Mass 
  While previous issues of the UPDATE have made reference to the chapel’s 200th anniversary celebration, the specific information is as follows.  The 200th anniversary Mass will be celebrated on Saturday September 14 at 10 AM.  Bishop Malooly will be the celebrant, assisted by Fr. McKee and other priests associated with Good Shepherd parish.  The mass will be televised to the large 30 X 40 tent which will be located on the south lawn.  Various souvenir items will be available including Erica Quesenbery’s chapel history book.  After the Mass, the Irish Jasper Greens musical group will entertain in the big tent.  Refreshments and lunch will be available.  Arrangements will be made with some of the chapel neighbors to provide additional parking space.  These areas will be marked.
     You should plan on attending this event.  The next similar anniversary celebration is many years off into the future.    

December 23rd 2018



   Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel UPDATE –   December 23, 2018

Christmas at St. Patrick’s Chapel – 2018

The Christmas season does confront us with the urgency of accomplishing all those chores which are associated with the holiday.  However, the season also provides the opportunity to reflect on past events which are significant to us.  When that happens I frequently find myself thinking about St. Patrick’s Chapel during the “old days”, before it was restored.  It was truly a very weary building.  You couldn’t help but wonder why it was still standing.  Maybe it was its’ tenacity which attracted us; which caused strangers to work together with the single purpose of restoring this historical gem.  Indeed it was restored!  Now we can look forward to 2019 and celebrating the chapel’s 200th birthday.  How often have you had the opportunity to celebrate the bicentennial of a church?  As I ask myself that question I realize that, while the chapel did indeed benefit from this endeavor, we are really the lucky ones!   Merry Christmas and God bless. 

Irish Jasper Green Presentation

The annual Maryland Irish Festival was held this year during the first weekend in November.   As a perennial favorite, the Irish Jasper Green musical group performed at the festival.  Once again these outstanding friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel donated their festival performance check of $1500 to St. Patrick’s Chapel.  Pictured  l. to r. are Tom Mullaney, John Tewey, Bill Paré and Don Shaffer.  The chapel, and all its’ friends, wish to thank the IJG for their continued support.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas


The Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel UPDATE is distributed to folks interested in the future of St. Patrick’s Chapel.  If you know anyone who might be interested in receiving this information, please send me their name and e-mail address. My contact information: 410-658-4378, or e-mail [email protected]

April 21st 2018

Mass at St. Patrick’s Chapel – May 5

  As a participant in the Wilmington Diocese’s 150th anniversary celebration, Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Chapel, Saturday, May 5 at 12 noon.  The chapel will open at 9:30 AM at which time chapel “tours” will be conducted.  Individuals participating in the 150th Anniversary Historic Churches Pilgrimage will be able to have their passports stamped by the tour guides at the chapel.  Refreshments will be served after the Mass and historical information about the chapel will also be available.  If you need information regarding directions to the chapel, call Bill Paré at 410-658-4378, or send an e-mail to [email protected] and driving directions will be sent to you by return e-mail.

A Gift From the South

  As you may recall, the Irish Jasper Greens were originally a Civil War reenactment group but history proved that they were better at making music than shooting flint-locks.  Nevertheless the IJGs still make their annual trip to Tybee Island, Georgia where they perform at the Tybee Island American Legion Post #154.  This year was no exception.  As an expression of their appreciation, Bill and Kaye Dowell presented, on behalf of the American Legion, a check for $200 for St. Patrick’s Chapel, to the Irish Jasper Green.  In the attached picture, the check is presented by IJG’s member Joe Koch to Bill Paré, representing St. Patrick’s Chapel.  Pictured on the right is Ron Carty insuring the veracity of this transaction.


November 7, 2017

Annual Maryland Irish Festival

The 2017 edition of the of the Annual Maryland Irish Festival will be held at the Timonium Fair Grounds, 2200 York Rd., Timonium, MD, starting on Friday evening, November 10, and running to Sunday, November 12. The St. Patrick’s Chapel connection will be well represented at the festival with the following:

Men’s AOH, Harford County, will be serving the wide array of Guinness food products.

Ladies AOH, Harford County. will handle baked goods for the three-day weekend.

Irish Jasper Green musical group will entertain festival attendees on Saturday, at Portz’s Pub, from 12 – 12:30, and again at 3:00 pm.

St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society will set up the chapel booth and will display the TWO quilts which are being raffled off this year. Hence, each ticket provides two opportunities to win a quilt. In addition, the St. Patrick wines will be available, as well as printed materials on the history of the chapel.

The Maryland Irish Festival is always an enjoyable event. It is especially a grand event if we can look forward to seeing friends with whom we can share the fun. Look forward to seeing you there !

The Friends

November 21st 2016

The St. Patrick’s Chapel information booth and the Irish Jasper Green musical group made their annual appearence at this year’s Irish Festival at the Timonium Fair Grounds, Friday through Sunday, Nov. 11 – 13. The St. Pat booth distributed chapel information and sold raffle tickets for a beautiful large bed quilt (pictured above) which is crafted, every year, by Rita Lerch. The winning ticket will be drawn March 27th, 2017.

The Irish Jasper Greens entertained the crowd in Portz’s Pub in the South Hall with two sessions on Sunday. As always the IJG’s donated their festival earnings of $1,500 to the St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society. We are very grateful for their generosity. Their support is very important to the St. Patrick’s Chapel story.

Annual Holiday Mass – December 3rd

The annual December Holiday Mass will be celebrated on Saturday, December 3rd, at 11 AM. Fr. Jay McKee will officiate. Refreshments will be provided. Elves will arrive early with space heaters in order to dispel the potential December chill. Refreshments will be provided after Mass. And "yes" a porta-pot will be available. Any questions? Call Bill Paré 410-658-4378

August 2, 2016

St. Kevin’s Mass Celebrated, June 4th

The annual St. Kevin’s Mass was celebrated Saturday, June 4th at the Chapel. Fr. Franey celebrated Mass. Those in attendance were provided with information regarding the status of the chapel, as well as plans to acquire a storage shed to house all the ground maintenance equipment (translation – riding lawn mower) used by the AOH summer maintenance staff. Refreshments were served after Mass.

Memorial Gathering for Tommy Hopkins

Friends and family gathered at St. Patrick’s Chapel on Saturday afternoon, June 4th to honor Tommy Hopkins. Tommy Hopkins was a founding member of the Irish Jasper Greens back when they did Civil War reenacting. Ron, Joe and others joined up and they discovered that while they were singing around battlefield campfires at night, other re-enactors enjoyed their harmony. Tommy had a great voice and could reach unreachable high notes, where others could not go. As IJG members got older they hung up their uniforms and muskets and started meeting at J Patrick’s Pub in Locust Point. Others, like me, attended and joined in. About 20 years ago we started to look for a venue in Harford or Cecil County because most of the group lived there. Tommy continued with the group through the years until his health prevented attendance. His tenor voice and bodhran playing was a hallmark of the group. Tommy’s last performance was at Harford Hospice where he attended his own wake. This was just a few days before he died. Organized by Christine and with Tommy fully engaged, we sang his favorite songs, drank whiskey, told stories, laughed, cried and said goodbye. The only person not crying was Tommy, he was just having a great time. Talking outside after the wake, what struck all of us was how brave he was in death. – J. Tewey

* * * *

March 22nd 2016

Easter Rising Commemorated by IJGs


The journey to an independent Irish republic was started with the "Easter Rising" in 1916 when Irish patriots attacked British forces at the Dublin Post Office. Although this attempt at freedom failed, it started the process for the creation, later on, of an independent Ireland. The 100th anniversary of this initial attack was celebrated, last Saturday, at Minihane’s Irish Pub & Restaurant, in Elkton. The event featured the Irish Jasper Greens musical group. Dennis Minihane presented a dramatic historical presentation of this important event. Elkton physician, John Mulvey read a powerful commemorative proclamation. On a less dramatic note, musical group leader, John Tewey, won the Tullemore DEW door prize, which, God bless him, he shared with everyone. It was a wonderful evening!

IJGs travel South

Historically the Irish Jasper Greens were a Civil War reenactment group, which was probably more interested in singing and taking a nip than they were in fighting. Luckily their musical talents prevailed. Nevertheless they still travel south and visit with friends Bill and Kaye Dowell of Tybee Island, Georgia. Recently the Dowells presented the Irish Jasper Greens with a $200 check made out to St. Patrick’s Chapel for their singing performance at the Tybee Island American Legion Post #154. We thank the Dowells for their generosity, and we are convinced that songs will always prevail over bullets.

December 22nd 2015


Stepping inside St. Patrick’s Chapel is "therapeutic". It is impossible to ignore the history that is imbedded in the chapel walls and the subsequent peaceful feeling that one experiences. We are very fortunate to have this historical landmark, and we also give thanks to the many events which occurred in the past year. To mention a few, we have:

* The iconic 1934 photograph of St. Patrick’s Chapel as the March picture in the Rising Sun

Pharmacy 2015 calendar.

* Stations of the Cross scheduled for the first time in the modern era of the Chapel on March 28.

* The Irish Jasper Green (IJG) performed at the Harp restaurant in Perry Hall; their performance

fee donated to the chapel.

* St. Kevin’s Wall improved and extended by the Harford County AOH.

* St. Patrick’s Chapel selected by the Southern Lancaster County Historical Society as one of

their tour sites for their annual event. More than 150 visit the chapel.

* A picture of St. Kevin’s Church, Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland, is donated to the

chapel by Erika Quesenbery Sturgil, who obtained the picture on a recent trip to Ireland.

* The IJG performs at the Hance’s Point Yacht Club; performance fee donated to the chapel.

* The annual "Pies-for-Patty" homemade pie venture yields $1,024.

* As a result of the IJG’s performance at the Annual Irish Festival in Timonium on Nov. 8, the

Chapel received $1,000 from the Irish Charities of Maryland.

St. Patrick’s Chapel has a special place in our hearts. It is always a pleasure to visit and to attend events here. As the year comes to an end we wish to thank all the people who recognize the value of this site and who have helped to make this a very special place. We wish you all a memorable Christmas, and look forward to seeing you next year.

November 23, 2015


The annual Christmas Holiday Mass will be celebrated at St. Patrick’s Chapel, 237 Pleasant Grove Rd., Conowingo, on Saturday December 5 at 11 AM. The Reverend Jay McKee will celebrate mass. The regular mass time is delayed an hour in order to provide some heat inside the chapel. All are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served after Mass. The "snow date" for this event is the following weekend. For additional information, call 410-658-4378


The Irish Jasper Greens were once again featured at this year’s Irish Festival, Nov, 6 – 8, at the Timonium Fairgrounds. The musical group entertained a large crowd in the South Hall of the fairgrounds. Consistent with their performances in the past, the musical group donated their $1,000 playing fee to the St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Association Inc. Pictured at left is Stacey Guerin, from the Irish Charities of MD, who presented a check to Bill Paré, who represented St. Patrick’s Chapel. Also in the photo are members of the IJG including, l. to r., Bruce Koch, John Tewey, Ron Carty, and Tom Mullaney. St. Patrick’s Chapel is very grateful to the Irish Charities of MD and a special note of gratitude is extended to all the members of the IJG’s who have supported St. Patrick’s Chapel for many years. Thank you!

OOPS ! !

Recently the "editor" of the UPDATE pressed the wrong keyboard key on his computer and "lost" all the e-mail addresses of individuals who had been receiving issues of the UPDATE. While some individuals might consider this a blessing, we would still wish to retrieve all the members of the St. Patrick’s Chapel "family" who had been on the UPDATE mailing list. So, if you are aware of anyone who was inadvertently "deleted", but wishes to be reinstated, please send the lost e-mail address to: [email protected].

It’s hard to get good help these days!

October 18, 2015

The Irish Jasper Greens brought their special brand of Irish entertainment and music to a new setting on Saturday evening, October 12th. The IJG entertained an appreciative audience at the Hance’s Point Yacht Club in North East. MD. The yacht club personnel encountered the IJG as a result of a recent visit to the Union Hotel Restaurant. Consequently the IJG were invited, by the yacht club folks, to participate in the yacht club’s upcoming pig roast event. As a result, the IJG captivated the yacht club fans with their humor and special brand of Irish music. For your information, the IJG typically play at the Union Hotel Restaurant and Lounge, located on Rt. 222 just north of Port Deposit, on the first and third Thursday evenings of each month. As a non-profit group, the IJG graciously donate their earnings to the St. Patrick’s Chapel Fund.


Buy a homemade apple pie for Thanksgiving and make a donation to the St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society – all at the same time! Place your order now. A limited number of pies will be made and sold on a first come - first served basis. Apple pie @ $8.00. Pop the pie in the oven, follow directions and you will have a delicious homemade apple pie. Place your order now! Call 410-658-4378 to order your pie(s). Also, pie-makers wanted! Pie making, Thursday evening, 6:00 – 9:00 PM, October 29; basement hall, St. Agnes Church, Rising Sun, MD. Bring your own pie making tools. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

March 2, 2017

UPCOMING EVENTS (March never was a dull month)

March 4, 6 pm – St. Kevin’s AOH Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration Prince of Peace Church Hall, Edgewood, MD. 6 pm. Dinner, beer, wine, etc., Irish dancers, Irish Jasper Green, raffle, For more info., call 443-512-0995, or 410-274-7699.

March 11, 10 am – Mass, St. Patrick’s Chapel. Refreshments served after Mass. Rita Lerch quilt on display; raffle ticket available. For more information, call 410-658-4378.

March 11, 4pm – Irish Jasper Greens performing at the Hance’s Point Yacht Club, North East, MD starting at 4 pm. Buffet dinner includes corned beef & cabbage, etc.. Yacht club makes donation to St. Pat Chapel.

March 16, 11:30am – 1:00pm Monthly Luncheon, St. Agnes Church,
Rising Sun, MD. Menu: Split pea soup, ham & cabbage, Irish soda bread, etc. Good will offering accepted. Donations support the parish’s outreach program to Cecil County needy.

March 18, 6:30pm Cecil County LAOH St. Patrick’s Dinner/Dance,Immaculate Conception School Gym. Elkton. Full Irish Dinner. Live music by the "Dirty Old Townies" Irish pub band. Raffle prizes. More information, call 410-398-1100.

April 1, 2017

Stations of the Cross – Saturday, April 8, 6 pm

Stations of the Cross will be celebrated at the Chapel on April 6, starting at 6pm. The weather forecast for that day is fine. After the stations, coffee will be available, before we send you on your way. Also, before you leave, we will have the drawing of this year’s winner of the Rita Lerch quilt !

IJG’s Southern Tour Secures Support for St. Patrick


Once again the Irish Jasper Greens spring trip to Georgia resulted in support for St. Patrick’s Chapel. In appreciation for the musical group’s performance, Bill & Kaye Dowell presented the IJG’s with a check for the chapel. Needless to say, we are grateful for this gift and gratified that our little chapel has impact beyond the Maryland border.



March 15th, 2015

The performance week for the Irish Jasper Greens started this past Sunday, March 15 at the Harp Restaurant just off the Baltimore Beltway in Perry Hall. On Monday evening the group was performing in Elkton, at Minehanes Restaurant. Tonight, St. Patrick’s Day, they will be playing in familiar surroundings, at the Union Hotel in Port Deposit. They will take a break on Wednesday but will be back at “The Union” for a regular performance on Thursday evening. So, if you’ve missed them so far, you can catch up with them on Thursday evening. In response to their wonderful music, the different venues have contributed $700 to benefit St. Patrick’s Chapel. Now that is really something to sing about!


As announced earlier, Mass will be celebrated this Saturday, March 21 at St. Patrick’s Chapel at 10 AM. Refreshments will be served after Mass. The quilt, made by Rita Lerch will be on display and raffle tickets will be available. Also, copies of the 2015 calendar distributed by the Rising Sun Pharmacy will be on hand. This calendar is unique because the month of March features the popular 1934 group picture of the chapel. Also remember that Stations of the Cross will be conducted on Saturday, March 28 at 6:30 pm. Information regarding the background and history of “The Stations” will be available at that time. See you there.

March 5, 2015


The Mass, celebrating St. Patrick, will be offered on Saturday, March 21 at 10 AM. Refreshments will be served after Mass. Quilt raffle tickets will be available and the quilt will be on display. A porta-pot will also be available, situated in its’ corner of the parking lot. Come help us celebrate the first day of Spring!


The Harp Restaurant will feature a “Family Day” on Sunday, March 15 which will include face painting for the kids. The event will start at 11:30 AM and the Irish Jasper Greens will take the sound stage from 2:30 to 5:30. The Harp Restaurant is located off Bel Air Rd., Rt. 1, just north of the beltway, I-895, and Whitemarsh Blvd. The Harp is thrilled to have the IJG perform and to make a donation to St. Patrick’s Chapel. The Harp’s website:


Significant interest has been expressed in having Stations of the Cross at St. Patrick’s Chapel. Accordingly we have scheduled this event for March 28 at 6:30 PM. It is probably safe to say that “Stations” have not been conducted at the chapel for many decades. Come join us for the revival of this Lenten event.

December 23rd, 2014

Fr. John Abrahams celebrated Mass at St. Patrick’s, Saturday, December 6. The Mass was well attended, not only by folks who regularly attend events at the chapel, but by individuals whose visit represented their first to St. Patrick’s. The Mass was offered in memory of Jeffrey Miller. Jeff was a founding member of the Irish Jasper Greens and consequently intimately associated, from the beginning, with the restoration of the chapel. Jeff died Nov. 5.

Following mass, Ken Miller, on behalf of many chapel supporters, presented gifts to Bill and Marilyn Paré for their work in the restoration effort. Bill accepted the gifts in the name of all of the people who worked to restore St. Patrick’s. "The fact that this tiny chapel has survived almost 200 years is truly a miracle, and that we can come here to worship is such a blessing" – W.P.


With Christmas only a few days away the notion of "gifts" frequently flutters through our consciousness. It’s also a time to reflect on gifts, already received, during the past calendar year. Without too much trouble it is easy to think of the many gifts received for the chapel. To name just a few:

* Donations from the Irish Charities of MD & the Irish Jasper Greens.

* Straightening and stabilizing the chapel grave markers.

* AOH donation of a processional cross.

* Property donation allowing us to enlarge the parking lot.

* Mass vessels donated by the LAOH.

* The apple pie fund raising effort produced $1187.

* United Way donations from folks who identified St. Pat as their contribution recipient.

* Gravel surfacing of the parking lot.

* Grass cutting and upkeep by the OAH members.

* Near completion of negotiations with the MD Historical Trust on our grant award.

I’m sure there are other gifts for which we should be thankful. Any way that you look at it, it has been a wonderful year. The chapel story is not about a building. The real story is about all the people who have donated their time and talents to this, as Fr. Abrahams would say, "holy place". May the Christmas season bring you many blessings and peace. Thank you.

December 1st, 2014


Every year at the Irish Festival at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Baltimore, the Irish Jasper Greens bring their special brand of Irish music and entertain fairgoers. Due to their musical appeal they have become favorites for festival fans. Every year the musical group has donated their fee to the St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society, Inc. This year the Irish Jasper Greens were quite successful and earned a raise when compared to their 2013 fee. Consequently the Chapel received a check for $1200. The St. Patrick’s Chapel Historical Society is extremely grateful for their generosity. Thank you!


The holiday season will start at St. Patrick’s Chapel on Saturday, December 6 when mass will be celebrated starting at 11 AM. Hot drinks and refreshments will be available. This year’s quilt will be on display and raffle tickets will be handy. St. Patrick’s Chapel wines may also be on hand – just in time for the holiday season. Fr. Abrahams will celebrate mass in memory of Jeffrey Miller. We hope to see you there. Any questions, call 410-658-4378

November 15, 2014

Jeffrey D. Miller, August 15, 1956 – November 5, 2014

Sometimes you get so close and involved with the goals of a project that you neglect some of the elements that allowed you to succeed. In 2005 the prospects of renovating and saving a small chapel, critical to Irish and Catholic heritage, were very slim. The future for St. Patrick’s Chapel, located in Cecil County, Maryland was very bleak.

Built in 1819 by Irish immigrants, the chapel faced a very uncertain future. Years of neglect threatened this second oldest Catholic worship site in the county. In an attempt to reverse this trend, a few people formed a non-profit organization in 2006 with the goal of restoring the chapel. However the available resources were few and the estimated restoration costs were extensive. It was not a very encouraging picture. Then the chapel’s fortunes were reversed.

At the Captain John Smith Festival in Port Deposit, in the summer of 2007, we met Jeff Miller and the Irish Jasper Greens. Given his love for Irish history and music, the chemistry between Jeff and the chapel was inevitable. Jeff and his friends joined other Irish families and ethnic organizations and simply “adopted” the chapel; they became one of the major sponsors for the restoration efforts. The fund-raising “kick-off” event was the concert held at John Carroll High School in May 2008 featuring various Irish musical groups – but the Irish Jasper Greens stole the show.

From that eventful meeting in the summer of 2007 Jeff Miller made us realize that our restoration goals were attainable. Jeff and the men and women of the Irish Jasper Greens helped us make a dream come true. The Irish Jasper Greens typify the many other groups and families which joined forces to save this Irish landmark. In 2010 the restored chapel was rededicated. In the ensuing years Jeff’s support for the chapel has been steadfast. This restoration miracle is due largely to people like Jeff Miller and groups like the Irish Jasper Greens. We can’t forget that; we can’t forget Jeffrey Miller – W.P.

View the 2010 Re-Dedication Service


St. Patrick’s Chapel, Open House – June 29

On Saturday, June 29, the chapel door at St. Patrick’s will be open at 10 AM.  Refreshments will be served.  A Power-Point presentation on the history, and more recent restoration efforts, will be presented at 11 AM and again at 1 PM.  Also available, commemorating the chapel’s 200th anniversary, will be coffee mugs, Christmas tree ornaments.  Erika Quesenbery’s  book on the history of the chapel, as well as other  printed  materials on the chapel’s history,  will also be available.  The chapel will be open until 2 PM.

Irish Jasper Green Preparing CD

  The Irish Jasper Green musical group, which has been one of the original supporters of the Chapel’s revival, is hard at work preparing and producing a CD of their Irish music.  This effort will require a few recording sessions.  At this moment the group anticipates having their CD of Irish ballads, ready for distribution, and available, when the chapel celebrates its’ 200th anniversary on Saturday, September 14th.


The Friends of St. Patrick’s Chapel UPDATE is distributed to folks interested in the future of St. Patrick’s Chapel. If you know anyone who might be interested in receiving this information, please send me their name and e-mail address. My contact information: 410-658-4378, or e-mail [email protected]