Some of the fun you can enjoy with the IJG's

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Some of the fun you can enjoy with the IJG's

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Bruce Koch - Vocals

"Come and join us to share a pint and a song" Bruce is one half of the Fabulous Koch Brother Team. A good strong voice and a good memory for lyrics. He can always be counted on to dredge up some old forgotten song to remind us of our roots.
Dave Weiss - Musician

A 200 year old log beamed, stone walled, candlelit pub, a 200 year old musical tradition,(a 200 year old alcoholic); IJG family (Ruff too), friends (some ghosts), stories/fun, songs, guitars, fiddle, mandolin/banjo/concertina, sometimes pipes or harp; beer, whiskey, beer, beer, whiskey, beer, etc. On the 1st & 3rd - no place like the 'belly of the pub'.

Don Shaffer - Fiddle & Vocals

"The camaraderie is priceless. The IJG's are salt of the earth. For centuries in Ireland, people came to the nearest farmhouse or pub to hear, sing and play music. Music was not about the polished, highly produced sound of CD's or superstars in large concert halls. It was local. We are the local musicians. We hope to keep that tradition alive."
Joe Koch - Vocals

Joe Koch is a pleasant singer who enjoys performing with the group that also includes his brother Bruce Koch. Joe is also the keeper of the Big Book of Lyrics
John Cole - IJG Website Support, Sailor

I had a blast for several years with the IJG's, singing the songs from my long forgotten youth. Unfortunately, ill health forced me to return to Europe, where, believe it or not, healthcare is free!

I'm now living on the Costa del Sol in Spain, where the humidity in summer is much lower, and the coldest it gets in winter is about 38?F. Winter lasts about 6 weeks. We don't have hurricanes? or tornados, but we did have? minor earthquake? couple of years ago.

I really miss the craic at the Union, and thank you all for being my friends. You are in my thoughts every Thursday, when, for some unknown reason, I get a raging thirst.

Update: May 2020. Dear friend and longtime supporter of The Irish Jasper Greens, John Cole passed away peacefully on 26 February 2020. He was cremated in Spain in the presence of his son and several friends.
You may have been aware that John was struggling with his health and in the end his heart gave out during his sleep.
Rest In Peace John Cole. ☘️
John Tewey - Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals, Trouble Maker

Belly of the Pub (verses 1 & 2)

Just sitting around with a couple of friends, a beer in my hand and a song in me head. Lights are all dim but the candles are bright, table full of empties lined up just right;
From the belly, from the belly, from the belly of the pub on a Thursday night.

Brick on the floor and beams up above, makes the sound of the songs a labor of love, Music and horseplay and songs just right, From the belly of the pub on a Thursday night.
Michael "Mick" O'Shea - Vocals, "Shanachie"

Mike is a grandson of Peter McGinn who was coal miner from Schuylkill County PA, Peter, a "Molly McGuire" died in a mining disaster.
In honor of his grandfather, Mike leads the group in the song "Working Man"
Mike Bishop - Vocals

I am an IJG because I love to sing the auld songs with like minded men; men who are more like family than friends.
I look forward to our bi-monthly gatherings and am out of sorts on the dreaded 5th Thursdays!
Patrick "Pat" Vetrone - Vocals

"This is the best place to find wonderful Irish music and cold beer. But more importantly, you will find an outstanding group of people who will entertain you and make you feel like family."
Ron Carty - Tenor, Vocals, Percussion, Humor

"I really like to sing with my friends and see new people enjoy Irish music. I got interested in Irish folk music by singing round the campfire with Jeff Miller, Tommy Hopkins and other members of the Irish Jasper Greens Civil War Reenacting group back in the early 90's."
Rose Birney - Our Beloved Bartender, Union Hotel Tavern

"The more you drink, the better we sound"

Thanks Rose
Sam Fielder - "Official" IJG Poet, Marine

Sam is Harford County's Honorary Poet Laureate - Patriot.
Korean War Vet Sends Trump Heartfelt Message As Fallen Heroes Return To U.S.
Thom Mullaney - Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals

I was welcomed into the IJG family in 2008. The friendships, warmth and the music we make are truly treasures. I was introduced to the Irish Jasper Greens by my sister Christine Seay and her husband Bob. Although they are gone now, I know they smile down on us every time we make music. (Somehow, Thom - we ALL smile when you make music! You are a gem)
Thomas "Tom" O'Hara - Vocals, AOH

I was attracted to the group because of my heritage, the ��Craic� and the great group of people.� Singing Irish songs every other week with these people is like therapy.� Have a pint, sing a song and forget your troubles.� It�s a recipe for happiness.
Walter "Rookie" Graham - Vocals